5 of the Biggest Activewear Trends for 2020
  1. Multitask Activewear

Who wouldn’t love to wear something so chic that could take you from brunch to barre class in one outfit. Today customers expect their active wear to be stylish and practical at the same time. You would want to invest in the key pieces that goes with everything from high heels to your favourite trainers. Try multi-task shorts that are trending at the moment. Check out our Shorts.

2. Sustainable Style

Green is definitely a new Black. Customers wants to know if the material is environment friendly, where are they made from and what packagings are being used and so on. The demand of transparency is high and many brands are already making the headway of answering the call for more conscious apparel. Take advantage of our Personal Shopper service and pre-order your favourite eco-friendly brands such as Girlfriend Collective, Athleta, Outdoor Voices, etc.

Personal Shopper

3. Pretty in Pastels

Popularised by celebrities such as  Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Pastel trend is making its mark among Thai gym enthusiasts. Add baby pink or turquoise or lilac shorts to your outfit next time you go for leg day or barre class to show off your pretty naughty side. Our pick for this trend is Candy Goddess Pink Women's Booty Short from NEU Apparel.

4. Retro Reboot

90s fashion is making its way back and particularly strong in the athleisure space. Whether it’s neon, oversized logo to midriffs. All bright and shine with fun colours and style add some fun to your outfit with our Gymshark Cyber Pink or Energy Seamless Neon Green.

5. Absolutely Everybody.

Quaintrelle are aiming to be the first curator in Thailand that encourage women of all sizes and shapes to wear what they want and be confident in whatever they wear. Dress to kill is always the way! Kill the low self esteem and show your best asset! Try our NEU Apparel leggings that will enhance your booty or Alala PEAK Bra Yellow for your yoga or spinning class.

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